Are you wanting a marketable image for your new company? Need fresh perspective for an old brand? Have an idea that you want to bring life and need creative guidance or assistance? You’ve found your source of limitless, competent  creativity.

Having spent well over a decade refining and developing her talents in many fields, Paigeosity Art has extensive experience in all platforms and mediums of art. Master of fine arts and commercial design alike, there is no project outside of her capability.

Whether it be logos, labels, ads, artful chalkboards, displays, or even or crazy costumes, Paigeosity Art will exceed expectations while working flexibly within any budget or time constraints.

Notable achievements:

  • Can draw two pictures at the same time with both hands
  • First exhibition was at 12 years old
  • Featured artist for Adobe Target Marketing Software for global marketing symposium in 2014
  • Winner of several state-wide and national merchandising competitions
  • Developed logos for large-scale companies like Andretti fuel company
  • Won multiple awards and competitions for costume creations
  • 10+ years knowledge and experience with nearly every design program available


Specializes in cohesive and marketable designs for advertising and business image. This includes, but is not limited to: labels, logos, brochures, website banners, animated ads, flyers, and print ads.


Producer of large-scale art projects such as murals, artful chalk boards, signs, billboards, and lettering.


Master of creative and attractive product displays and award-winning merchandising projects.


Expertise in bringing visions to fruition by developing accurate models of business layouts and providing artistic perspective to the design from conception to development.


Arguably the best at showcasing the multitude of abilities and creative spectrum of Paigeosity Art, are her costumes. A minimum of 100 hours is poured into each, unique project and requires  maximum utilization of artistic competence in all aspects. From engineering dynamic movement and portability to the extreme attention of minute details, these fantastic displays are the pride of her work.