We have two deaths in this life- the first, when the body ceases to function. The second, when are remembered for the last time.

So long as my art exists, so do I.

There is no greater sensation than someone being moved by my tangible, regurgitated perception of the world so much that they need to obtain it. Because of this, tiny fragments of my being reside in thousands of people’s lives all over the globe. My art enables me to be a part of their memory, their story, and their existence. To be valued for the deepest part of who am, my raw reality, and be treasured for that…is incredible.

My name is Paige McClurg. I belong to my art.


I am twenty-eight years young and have been creating anything and everything that I could since the very beginning of my time.

Born and raised in some pretty little go-nowhere town.

I can draw two pictures with both hands simultaneously. Really.

Obsessed with Jellyfish and the universe.

Rainbow glitter is the color of my soul.

Please reach out if you feel that you connect with my work and are interested in a custom piece, print, or otherwise. I will gladly oblige.